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Win-GRAF is a powerful SoftLogic development software and PLC-like SoftLogic package that supports IEC 61131-3 Standard Open PLC Languages running on Windows 7 and Windows 8. The Win-GRAF Runtime application can run on any ICP DAS PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) that supports the Win-GRAF, such as the WinPAC series WP-8xx8, WP-5xx8-CE7, WP-5xx8-CE7 and WP-9xx8-CE7, or the touch panel ViewPAC series VP-x2x8-CE7, or the advanced CPU XPAC-CE6 series XP-8xx8-CE6. Using the Win-GRAF software with ICP DAS Win-GRAF PACs, the control/ monitor systems can easily implement industrial level of data acquisition and logic control in various industry fields.

Data Acquisition System
Factory Automation
Building Automation
Remote I/O system
Wireless Monitor/Control System
Motion Control System and so on
Support IEC 61131-3 Standard Open PLC Languages:
1. Ladder Diagram (LD)
2. Function Block Diagram (FBD)
3. Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
4. Structured Text (ST)
5. Instruction List (IL)
(FBD) (ST)
Using ST Syntax in the FBD or LD Program
                    (Using ST syntax in the FBD or LD program)
On Line Debug/Control/Monitor
Off Line Simulation on PC
On-Line Change :
Replace the current running project to a new modified one without stopping the project.
Event Triggered Data Binding :
Exchange data between PACs.
Upload Source Code From PAC to PC
Apply multi-recipes pre-defined in PC/Win-GRAF to PAC.
Spy List:
Show several selected variables in one Spy List window.
Support Soft-GRAF HMI
Soft-GRAF is a free HMI software by ICP DAS.
All WinCE Win-GRAF PACs support Soft-GRAF HMI, including:
WP-5xx8-CE7, WP-8xx8, VP-x2x8-CE7, WP-9xx8-CE7 and
WP-8xx8-CE7, XP-8xx8-CE6.
Provides various HMI objects, such as Button, Numeric Display,
Trends, Angular Gauge, Alarm List, Logger, etc.
Modbus Master Protocol
Multi-port Modbus RTU, ASCII Master, RS-232/485/422.
Modbus TCP Master (Multiple connections).
Connect other Modbus PLC, Modbus Master, Modbus I/O and
Modbus devices
Modbus Slave Protocol
Multi-port Modbus RTU Slave, RS-232/485/422。
Modbus TCP Slave (Multiple connections).
Support File Access & Data Log
Exchange Data between PACs
Up to 32 Win-GRAF PACs can use Data Binding to exchange application data and control data to each other.
Support DCON I/O
Support RS-485 Port to connect the ICP DAS I-7000 I/O modules, and I-87K4/5/8/9 Expansion Unit plus
I-87xxxW I/O boards, and RU-87P4/8 Expansion Unit plus I-87xxxW I/O boards.
Support a Variety of I/O Boards
Support I-8xxxW and I-87xxxW I/O boards, such as DI, DO, AI, AO, Relay, AC-IN, Thermister, Thermo Couple,
RTD, Strain Gauge, Encoder, PWM output, Counter, Frequency, etc.
Support Temperature/Humidity Modules
DL-100T485 and DL-100TM485.
Support Retain Variables
WP-8xx8, WP-5xx8-CE7, VP-x2x8-CE7, XP-8xx8-CE6, WP-9xx8-CE7 support retain variables. Suitable to
retain the data changed quickly and frequently.
Protect Application by Own Algorithm
Protect the Win-GRAF application by user-defined algorithm. Even others copy the application to the same
model PAC, as long as he cannot get the source code, can not run the application correctly.
Redundant Solution
XP-8xx8-CE6 support the Win-GRAF redundant system to achieve the more secure engineering applications. 
Support VS 2008 Development:
The Win-GRAF PACs support to use VS 2008 (, C#) to develop user own HMI and data
management programs, and can exchange variables with the Win-GRAF control programs.
VS 2008
Easy Hard Middle hard
Yes No No
Easy Hard Middle hard
Data Management
Win-GRAF integrated with VS 2008 to achieve data management.
Powerful, Middle hard
Powerful, Hard Powerful, Middle hard
Built-in Modbus TCP, RTU, ASCII, DCON, Data Binding Hard coding Hard coding
Program I/O
Easy Hard Hard
Win-GRAF Development Software
Win-GRAF Workbench
Win-GRAF Workbench Software (Large I/O Tags) with one USB Dongle.