MA-11/12/21/22 – MD-11/12:FRnet for I-8000

MA-11/12/21/22 – MD-11/12:FRnet for I-8000


Datasheet, Manual e Outros

Datasheet, Manual e Outros

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Only one FRnet host-controller is required in an FRnet network
The FRnet network only requires a single hostcontroller to send a token that activates all FRnet I/O modules. Two host controllers cannot be used in the same FRnet network. The MA-11, MD-11, FRB-100/200, I-7188EF, I-8122 and some FR I/O modules can be used as FRnet host-controllers. When using an MA-11, MD-11 or FR I/O module as a host-controller, the switch or jumper should be set to the A1 position. Refer to the related user’s manual or literature for detailed information. When using the FRB-2000, I-7188EF or I-8122, the switch doesn’t have to be set.

Which MA series MagicWire module to select
The MA-11and MA-21 are input type modules that work with output type PLC modules. The MA-12 and MA-22 are output type modules that work with input type PLC modules. For long-distance digital output extension applications, the user must select an MA-11 and set the jumper switch to the A1 position. The companion module can be either an MA-12 or other appropriate FR module. When the user wishes to input a remote signal, the MA-12 or other appropriate companion module should be selected. The MA-11 or some FR modules can be selected as the companion module. Of course, in accordance with the basic operating principles of FRnet, this FR module or MA-11 should be set as a host controller.

What is the difference between MA-1X and MA-2X
The MA-1X covers 0-7 low-group I/O areas, while the MA-2X covers 8-15 high-group I/O areas. The MA-2X cannot communicate with the MA-1X in a single FRnet network. The user must choose an MA-1X to network PLCs or implement a long-distance extension system. An MA-2X and MA-12 must be selected when using the FRB-100/200, I-7188EF or I-8122 to network PLC and FR I/O modules. Refer to related user’s manual and literature for more detailed information.
1-1 configuration
Long-distance I/O extension
1-N configuration
Long-distance I/O extension

How to achieve 1- N configuration
Several FR output modules can be set to the same address and then modules in the same FRnet network can be connected. In this 1-N hardware configuration, the MA-11 can send the same information to all FR output modules at the same time. The 1-N configuration can be used for several output modules, but cannot be used for several input modules.

MA series MagicWire can network Mitsubishi compatible PLC systems
Besides the long-distance I/O extension feature, the MA-1X module can network Mitsubishi compatible PLC systems. The MagicWire modules enable your PLC to talk to each other via DIO ports. Choosing appropriate MagicWire modules, the user can upgrade a nonnetworking controller to have the networking capability. The MA-2X alone can’t be used in this kind application. They should work with a host. Since different PLCs have different connectors and pin-assignments, the user should choose appropriate FR I/O modules.

Networking configurations
The modules with same switch settings belong to the same group. The modules of the same group can have data transmission between them. The modules of different groups can’t communicate with each other. But modules of different groups can be connected to the same FRnet bus.

An <—> Bn; n: Group Number
The user can use one or up to four MA-11 series modules to implement several network configurations, such as 1-1, 1-N, 2-N, 3-N, 4-N. But they should have different address setting, and address SA0 (A1) must exist in this FRnet network. Several output modules can be set to have the same address and used in one FRnet network. Refer to figures on the right-hand side.

1-1 configuration

1-N configuration

2-N configuration
MagicWire can network PC, PAC, PLC
MagicWire not only can network PLC, but also can network PLC systems to a PC or a PAC. Refer to following figures. In these network configurations, tevery system needs FRB-100/200 or I-7188EF or I-8122 module as the host controller. The FRB-100/200, I-7188EF and I-8122 must choose MA-12, MA-2X or other appropriate FR I/O modules to network PLC and FR I/O modules. Refer to the user’s manual and literature related to FRnet.

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MA-11/21, MA-12/22

  • Communication speed: 250K bps
  • Communication distance: 400m max
  • Digital input channels: 32 (MD-11, MD-11M)
  • Digital output channels: 32 (MD-12, MD-12M)
  • Connector type:
    37-pin D-sub female connector (MD-11, MD-12)
    37-pin D-sub male connector (MD-11M, MD-12M)
  • Power requirements: 12~24V
  • Wire cable: CPEV 0.9S (2P twisted-pair wire)
  • Power consumption: 1.2 W
  • Dimensions: 120 mm x 90 mm
  • Operating temperature: -25°C ~ +75°C
  • Operating humidity: 10% ~ 90% RH, non-condensing
  • Storage temperature: -30°C ~ +85°C
  • Storage humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH, non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 76 mm x 73 mm x 15 mm
MA-11    Input type MagicWire for PLC
MA-12    Output type MagicWire for PLC
MA-21    Input type MagicWire for PLC
MA-22    Output type MagicWire for PLC
PWR-24/110    Power adapter; 110VAC/60Hz input; 24VDC/200mA output
PWR-24/220F    Power adapter; 220VAC/60Hz input; 24VDC/200mA output
PWR-24/230R    Power adapter; Round type plug; 220VAC/60Hz input; 24VDC/200mA output