DBK16 – 2-Channel S t rain-Gage Card

DBK16 – 2-Channel S t rain-Gage Card


Datasheet, Manual e Outros

Datasheet, Manual e Outros

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2-Channel Strain Gage Expansion Card

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  • Provides 2-channels of strain gage inputs
  • Accommodates most bridge type sensors, including 4-element full bridges

IOtech's DBK16 is a strain gage interface card that accommodates the connection of most strain gage types, from single-element quarter bridges to 4-element full bridges. This card allows on-board mounting of bridge completion resistors and provides four adjustments on each of its two channels. You can adjust the excitation voltage on each channel from 1.5 to 10.5 VDC. You can also adjust the input gain, offset, and scaling gain on each channel to null any quiescent loads, and expand the dynamic range for maximum measurement resolution. Other per-channel options include AC or DC coupling and a low-pass filter with a user-customizable cutoff frequency.

The card uses an external 12-16 VDC excitation power supply, which can be a DBK30A rechargeable battery/excitation module or a user-supplied power source. If the application requires interfacing to five or more strain gage inputs, consider using the DBK43A module.