DA-Center – Ready-to-run data gateway between remote devices and databases

DA-Center – Ready-to-run data gateway between remote devices and databases


Datasheet, Manual e Outros

Datasheet, Manual e Outros

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  • Convert field data to ODBC compliant databases
  • Convert field data to Excel or Access spreadsheets
  • Flexible dataset configuration for connecting to multiple remote devices
  • Embedded trend charts for historical analysis



In most remote data acquisition applications, users need additional human resources to collect data manually from remote storage and also to perform data logging and other analyses during daily operations. Moxa DA-Center, a ready-to-run data gateway, makes it must easier to perform these types of tasks. DA-Center provides a standard OPC interface that interacts with Moxa Active OPC Server for real-time data collection. The interface acts as bridge between field data and IT databases or spreadsheets, and a trend chart tool is also provided to perform historical analysis.


Economize on Database Uploads

With most remote data acquisition systems, during daily operations additional human resources are needed to collect data manually from remote storage devices, and also to load data logs into a database. Even with RTUs remotely collecting data over the network, software must be developed, to handle the task of converting and uploading data logs into the database. Moxa’s DA-Center makes not only realtime data collection much easier, but also simplifies the conversion of historical data into database-ready formats. DA-Center’s standard OPC interface interacts directly with Moxa Active OPC Server, serving as a bridge between field data and stored databases or spreadsheets. Furthermore, DA-Center can combine tags from individual Moxa RTUs or remote I/O devices into the same database or spreadsheet, freeing users from the need to manipulate data after processing.


Automatic Data Updates from SD Cards Following Network Failures

One of the benefits of using RTUs is that data may be collected over a network, from a central site; in an ideal operation, RTUs should be able to transmit data logs collected offline upon network reconnection. Moxa’s DA-Center makes this not only possible, but easy. The DA-Center provides a standard OPC interface that interacts with Active OPC Server for real-time data collection. After each network connection, the DA-Center will compare historical data stored on the SD cards located in individual devices with real-time data and then supplement any missing data by requesting re-transmission from the RTU.


Embedded Trend Charts for Historical Analysis

The DA-Center package also includes several stock charts for basic data analysis. Users can retrieve data from a database table or a spreadsheet and automatically convert it into chart format, zooming in or out along the different axes, thus making it extremely easy to display and analyze historical data.


Can be used with the following products

ioLogik E1200 series: Ethernet Remote I/O
ioLogik E2200 series: Ethernet Micro RTU Controller

ioLogik E4200: Modular Ethernet Remote I/O

ioLogik W5300 series: Cellular Micro RTU Controller

ioPAC 8000 series: Modular RTU Controller

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Hardware Requirements

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or above
RAM: 512 MB (1024 MB recommended)
Network Interface: 10/100M Ethernet
Software Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/7


Support Models

ioLogik E1200 series, ioLogik E1200H series, ioLogik E1500 series,
ioLogik E2200 series, ioLogik E4200, ioLogik W5300 series, ioPAC
8000 series.