Resumo da Citel

Who is CITEL?

CITEL is an international group established in 1937 that specializes in the manufacture and sale of Surge Protective Devices (SPD) to its worldwide customers. These devices protect sensitive electronic equipment and personnel from destructive transient over voltages originating from lightning strikes and line disturbances.

CITEL manufactures two types of products:

  • Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) or Surge Arrestor components for PC board level applications
  • Surge Protective Devices (SPD) or Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) modules and standalone devices for original equipment manufacturers, integrators and end users

CITEL is unique as both a manufacturer of PC board level surge arrestor components and their deployment across a full range of Surge Protective Devices for AC power, DC power, data line and RF coaxial applications. This core competency provides CITEL with an unparalleled ability to develop high performance products that deliver consistent results for any application within a customer’s facility or remote site.

CITEL’s major customers are found among the top companies within the agricultural, alternative energy, electric utility, oil & gas, process chemical, telecommunications, water & wastewater treatment, government, military, security, transportation and commercial/industrial markets.


1937  – CITEL founded as a manufacturer of lighting tubes.
1944  – CITEL manufactures first Gas Discharge Tube (GDT).
1976  – CITEL acquired by current ownership group. Manufacture of lighting tubes discontinued.
1984  – 800 SQM manufacturing facility is constructed in the city of St GALMIER in the South of France.
1985  – CITEL Incorporated established in Miami, Florida USA.
1988  – CITEL Gmbh established in Düsseldorf, Germany.
1992  – CITEL acquires GDT competitor CLAUDE from GTE Sylvania.
1996  – CITEL acquires Din Rail Surge Protection specialist SUPERSAFE in Netherlands.
1996  – CITEL Shanghai Electronics established in Shanghai, China (Manufacture of GDT, AC & DATA Modules)
1998  – CITEL 2CP goes public on the Paris Stock Exchange.
1999  – Headquarters moved from île St Germain to Issy les Moulineaux a district of Paris, France.
2000  – Launched the first GDT based SPD for AC Type 1 (10/350us waveform) applications.
2000  – Launched the first MOV-GDT Hybrid SPD for AC Type 1 applications based on patented VG technology.
2003  – Launched UL1449 Listed AC Power Products in NEMA Enclosures.
  – Launched second generation MOV-GDT Hybrid DS250VG for AC Type 1 (25kA 10/350us)
2004  – Launched MOV based AC Type 2 (40kA 8/20us) DS40 Series with replaceable modules.
2005  – Launched full photovoltaic range for DC Type 1 (DS60PV), Type 2 (DS50PV) and Type 3 (DS210.DC).
2005  – CITEL established in China (Manufacture of Coaxial SPD, Connectors, Cable Assemblies)
2006  – CITEL 2CP sells seat on the Paris Stock Exchange and is privately held.
2007  – Launched din rail mount two-stage data line surge protectors – DLA Series.
2007  – Headquarters moved from Issy les Moulineaux to Serves a district of Paris, France.
2007  – Launches MSB10 LED street light SPD with parallel connection circuit.
2008  – Launched P8AX Series coaxial surge protectors with standard waterproof, bulkhead, GDT holder options.
2009  – CITEL Incorporated moves North American Operations from Miami to Miramar, FL USA.
2009  – Launched best performing 6GHz coaxial surge protector – P8AX-6G Series.
2009  – Launched smallest 2-Electrode (4.4mm) Surface Mount GDT with Square Electrodes.
2009  – Launched smallest 3-Electrode (4.4mm) Surface Mount GDT with Square Electrodes.
2009  – Launched DS50PV, DS50VGPV, and DS60VGPV Surge Protectors with UL1449 Recognition.
2010  – Introduces MJ8 Series din rail mount Gigabit Ethernet Surge Protector.
2010  – Introduces Surge Protected Ethernet 19″ rack with 12, 24, or 48 ports.
2011  – Launches MLP LED street light SPD with series connection circuit.
2012  – Launches only surface mount GDT with fail-safe disconnection.
2013  – Launches MJ8-POE range for standard POE, POE+ and POE High applications.
2014  – CITEL Incorporated moves US corporate headquarters to 10108 USA Today Way.
2014  – Approval UL1449 4th Edition entire DC SPD range as PV Type 1CA.
2014  – Approval UL497E for entire P8AX, PRC and CXF Series Coaxial SPD’s from DC to 6GHz.
2014  – CITEL’s DC Block PRC SPD achieves highest UL497E rating for both Imax and In at 40kA 8/20us.